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The Five False Beliefs

We are what we think; our actions simply follow. The problem is that too often our beliefs are based on lies. One of the biggest lie of all is the belief that we are helpless to influence our circumstances.

If I believe I am powerless to influence my circumstances by the choices I make, then I will be a prisoner of them. I will remain stuck in an endless cycle of rumination and inaction. If I believe I am responsible for my choices, then I will be free to do the right thing, be the right kind of person, and take action toward living a life of purpose and meaning.

Of all the things we should take full responsibility for, our thinking is the highest priority. When I engage in right thinking, what I ought to do becomes clearer. In the process my influence in each situation goes up. That is 100% Responsibility. At Team Trek we believe there are five false beliefs that negatively affect the choices we make. It is from these five false beliefs that nearly all negative behaviors flow. To change, we must first replace these false beliefs with those that are true.

False belief #1: I am powerless to influence the outcome of a situation.

Right belief: I am 100% Responsible for how I choose to respond and can influence outcomes by the choices I make.

False belief #2: Those who fail are unworthy and deserve to be punished.

Right belief: Everyone experiences failure. The only real failure is the failure to learn and grow.

False belief #3: I am who I am. I cannot change.

Right belief: I can change my behaviors if I change the way I think and take 100% Responsibility for my own growth.

False belief #4: I must have the approval of others to have self-worth.

Right belief: My self-worth does not depend on someone else. All human beings—including me—have inherent worth.

False belief #5: Change is negative and must be avoided.

Right belief: Change is inevitable. How I respond to change is up to me.

How do you know if you are suffering from false beliefs? A good sign is you feel stuck, feel confused, and are controlled to an unhealthy degree by strong emotion. The most powerful question you can ask yourself is, "What will I do about it?" This one question cuts through all of the false beliefs and creates clarity. It moves us to action, and it is in action that we discover truth.


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