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Team Trek
Leadership Intensives©

Download The Five Capacities of Exceptional Leaders© and learn how to lead for engagement.

Start with the Right Leadership Model

A common obstacle to sustaining culture transformation is a lack of alignment around how to lead for engagement. A lack of clarity on this question can mean the difference between success and failure in engaging your people and getting extraordinary results. 

The Role of Small Unit Leadership in Culture Transformation

Senior leaders must cast the vision and support and equip the team during the journey. However, small unit leaders have the greatest amount of interaction with most team members in any organization. For this reason, the small unit leadership framework drives ownership for culture and engagement down to the lowest common denominator—the small unit leader. The Five Capacities of Exceptional Leaders model elevates the small unit leader and creates clarity about how to lead for engagement. 

Leading for Engagement©
Eight weekly sessions delivered via video conference

Our virtual training series for people manages and front-line leaders offers scheduling flexibility while providing space to self-reflect. Each session is two hours in length via video conference. Participants master the culture basics, work on the Five Capacities of Exceptional Leaders and learn the skills and competencies to coach for development. The series is capped off by developing a coaching action plan.


Team Trek Leadership Intensives© for leaders at every level.

Leading for engagement requires leading in such a way that other people want to follow. This means working from the inside out—starting with changing how you think about the purpose of leadership.


The idea behind the Team Trek Leadership Intensives is simple: support positional leaders at every step of their journey to becoming exceptional leaders. Leadership Intensives include experiential learning, ongoing training, coaching and assessments. Our coaches will work with you to design a program that's a perfect fit for your people, culture and budget. 

What is the measure of

success of a leader?


The leadership mandate can be summarized in one sentence: measure your own success by the engagement of your team.

Redefining how you measure your success as a leader forces you to reorder your priorities—to create time to focus on your culture and people strategy. It also leads you to reflect on what it takes to lead for engagement.

Team Trek has the tools to equip your small unit leaders to build a culture of engagement.

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