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Leadership Intensives©

Download The Five Capacities of Exceptional Leaders© and learn how to lead for engagement.

One leadership model. Multiple training options.

A common obstacle to sustaining culture transformation is a lack of alignment around how to lead for engagement. A lack of clarity on this question can mean the difference between success and failure in engaging your people and getting extraordinary results. 

Leading for Engagement©

Eight weekly sessions delivered via video conference (2 hours each)

Our virtual training series for people manages and front-line leaders offers scheduling flexibility while providing space to self-reflect. Each session is two hours in length via video conference. Participants master the culture basics, work on the 5 Capacities of Exceptional Leaders and learn the skills and competencies to coach for development. The series is capped off by developing a coaching action plan.


Team Trek Leadership Intensives©

Bundled leadership training with coaching and leadership assessments.

The idea behind the Team Trek Leadership Intensives is simple: support leaders beyond the learning center program to ensure maximum impact. Team Trek bundles coaching and ongoing training as part of a 12-month leadership program. A second Leadership Profile 360 measures progress along the way. Each Intensive includes a 5-day Team Trek Learning program as the foundation. The level of coaching and post-program training are tailored to the unique challenges at each level of leadership. 

Senior Leaders | Leadership Intensive

  • Lead Team Initiative - kick-off with 5-day program at the Team Trek Learning Center

  • Leadership Profile 360 x 2

  • Temperament assessment

  • 12 hours of  Team Trek Coaching 

  • How to Coach Workshop (8-hour workshop at client-site or virtual)

  • Senior Leader Seminar (leadership team meets virtually with a Team Trek Master Coach for two hours per month for topically driven discussion)

People Managers & Front-Line Supervisors | Leadership Intensive

  • Navigating Leadership - kick-off with 5-day program at the Team Trek Learning Center

  • Leadership Profile 360 x 2

  • Temperament assessment

  • 6 hours of Team Trek Coaching 

  • How to Coach Workshop (virtual only; four 2-hour sessions)

Or, design your own leadership development program using Team Trek tools and services.

We recognize each of our clients is at a different point in the culture transformation journey. Some are just starting. Others are further along and looking for ongoing support with fine-tuning the culture. Regardless, we can help. Team Trek services are designed to be flexible. Our Master Coaches will help you design a leadership development program that's a perfect fit for your people, culture and budget.

Experiential Learning Programs



360 Assessments

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