Left to right: Team Trek Chief Experience Officer Conrad Lehfeldt, client Trevor Stedke (formerly with SWA), Team Trek founder W. Gary Gore (deceased), Team Trek Chief Strategy Officer Mike Gore

Who is Team Trek?

Team Trek was founded in 1994 with a simple mission: build people and connect teams. We're a world-class provider of culture transformation solutions, leadership development, and team building, but our real passion is changing lives. Like most of our clients, we yearn to leave the world a better place than we found it. 

Learn by doing. Experiential training is in our DNA.

Our 800-acre Learning Center in Tumbling Shoals, AR is where it all starts. No, you don't have to send all your people to Tumbling Shoals to benefit from Team Trek services. But we've learned that experiential learning works better than anything else to ignite change. This is especially true for aligning leadership teams and equipping people managers and front-line supervisors who are doing the heavy lifting on culture transformation. 


View from Team Trek Learning Center, Tumbling Shoals, AR.



All the tools to help you succeed in creating a culture of engagement.

We've been perfecting our services for over 25 years. In the process we've assembled what we believe is the most effective culture transformation solution available. This solution includes a suite of tools that, on their own, are exceptional. But when combined as part of a holistic approach to culture, they become a powerful catalyst for change. Using the Team Trek Culture Change Roadmap©, our coaches consult with you on your needs, walk you through the steps and help you create your own culture strategy tailored to fit your people.


Team Building & Learning Center Programs

Leadership & Culture Training Workshops

Leadership & Team Coaching

Leadership & Culture 360 Assessments

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A single, comprehensive curriculum for training

leaders and building the culture.

One of the obstacles for changing a culture is establishing a common vocabulary. Without a common vocabulary to talk about culture, the best you end up with is a mash-up of fuzzy concepts that are neither actionable or repeatable. That's why we created a comprehensive curriculum that takes you from the first to last step of the culture change journey. 

Written by Team Trek founder, Gary Gore, "Navigating Change" is a field guide for personal change that focuses on the simple but powerful principle that real change starts with me. Our workbook "Character & Culture" represents over 25 years of discovering and compiling the tools for becoming an effective leader, creating a healthy culture and building High Performing Teams.  

Navigating Change


The Team Trek guarantee.

We're invested in our clients' success and committed to delivering excellence in everything we do. That's why Team Trek services are unconditionally guaranteed. You tell us what your objectives are, and we will meet or exceed your expectations. If not, the program is provided free of charge.