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It's time to slay the dragon of disengagement.


What's at stake?

According to Gallup, 70% of all U.S. workers are not actively engaged, leaving many companies vulnerable to fierce competition and rapidly changing conditions. Like a fire-breathing dragon, disengagement is devouring everything in its path. Complacency and complaining are the new norms. It's time to slay the dragon of disengagement to make room for something better. Imagine in its place a culture of actively engaged people producing extraordinary results.

Choose the right guide for your culture trek.

Forget the programs and posters. Why? The character of your culture can't be manufactured; it comes from within. Real culture change works from the inside out and engages the heart. If you want to change your organization's culture, you need a bold vision for the culture, a good roadmap, and an expert guide to help navigate the trek. Then you have to lead with courage and conviction. Team Trek can help.

​Equip your team for the trek.

Success is in the preparation. The first steps are to align your leadership team and equip your people managers for the trek. A common obstacle to sustaining culture transformation is a lack of alignment around how to lead for engagement. Team Trek can help you with that, too. We start with the 5 Capacities of Exceptional Leaders, a model for the ideal leader. When combined with our High Performing Teams model and the 12 Behaviors of an Actively Engaged Person model, the result is a shared vision for the culture and clarity about how to effectively lead for a culture of engagement. 

Start winning... keep winning.

The first leg of the trek is long and arduous. However, at some point enough people have joined the effort to help clear the path that the pace accelerates. Culture is contagious. Once your leadership team is aligned and your people managers are equipped to lead for engagement, it's time to identify and train your culture champions. As the culture takes shape and builds muscle, the results will follow. 

First, your people win big by being a part of a legacy of which everyone can be proud to be a member: a high-trust culture where those who choose to be exceptional thrive. It's a culture of personal responsibility where the ethos "if you fail, I fail" is lived out on a daily basis. Second, you'll lead your people to achieve extraordinary results in every metric that matters: quality, safety, productivity, customer engagement, revenue, profitability... to name just a few.

Process to start culture trek

Are you ready to do something epic? Team Trek has the roadmap for success and can guide you and your team along the way.

The process to start your own culture trek:

  1. Orient yourself by exploring the Team Trek models: The 12 Behaviors of an Actively Engaged Person model, the Team Trek High Performing Teams model, and the 5 Capacities of Exceptional Leaders model.

  2. Validate our expertise by reading what our clients have to say.

  3. Learn how we supply you during your culture trek: learning center programs, workshops, leadership coaching and 360 leadership assessments.

  4. Schedule a discovery call with a Team Trek Master Coach to map your journey.

  5. Book your leadership team for the first phase of the trek (at no risk with the Team Trek unconditional guarantee).

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