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Navigating Culture Change | Stansell Electric, Nashville, TN

Guest Author | Jon White, Stansell Electric

In 2014 Stansell Electric set out to achieve its purpose in a profound way – Grow Our People, Serve Our Customers and Build Our Communities. We had 75 years of experience on our side, a strong market ahead of us, and a talented group of people on board, but weren’t clear on how to reach this end goal.

Stansell Electric at Team Trek

Enter Team Trek. After our first call, I knew we had found our partner. In January 2016, 11 leaders set off on a journey that would show us how big the mountain was ahead of us, challenge us to lead with excellence, and help us develop a road-map for building a high-performance culture. Over the last 3 years, the “scoreboard” has taken care of itself:

  • Reduction of our safety incidents by 80%

  • A customer NPS score that is leading the industry

  • 200% profitability achievement

  • And most importantly, a team with 93% retention. 93% of our team members are choosing to stay here in an industry that is plagued with high turnover and low availability of skilled trades!

What's our secret? Extending trust to Team Trek, holding ourselves accountable to 100% Responsibility, and having a clear and simple mission. Sounds easy, right? It is... and it isn’t.

The first step – 100% Responsibility. We committed (I committed) to a 5-year strategic goal of implementing the 1) Clear and Simple Mission 2) the Active Engagement Model and 3) the High Performing Team Model.

The second step – we followed the Culture Change Roadmap from Team Trek. We started this in Arkansas when ALL leaders spent a week together and committed to the plan.

We developed a training plan and worked the plan. The results flowed from there.

We consider Team Trek our partner as much as we do our customers and suppliers. Extend trust and watch what happens!

Stansell Electric is a full service electrical contractor based in Nashville, TN, with offices around the state. They offer electrical construction services for a wide range of customers; Tennessee Department of Transportation, Metro Nashville, Large General Contractors and private businesses. They are also leading the way with technology implementations such as Intelligent Transportation Systems and connected buildings. Jon White serves Stansell as their VP of Talent and Business Strategy. Since culture is the strategy, he spends his time focused facilitating the organization towards it’s clear and simple mission, implementing the culture compass and helping to build high performing teams.


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