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Are You Sacrificing the Routine?

It seems at times we’re suffering a national epidemic of boredom. We have distain for routine duties under the guise of working on the big stuff. But the reality is when we avoid the routine, we rarely accomplish anything big.

As human beings we all want our work to have meaning and impact. We want to know that what we do matters, and it feels good to accomplish something big. Routine tasks just aren’t all that exciting and can feel unimportant and disconnected at times.

“It’s easy to avoid routine, unspectacular duties and give yourself over to exciting things that come along. But life is lived in the routine.” Gordon MacDonald

However, big accomplishments are always built on the foundation of doing the little things well. Why? The routine is where trust is built (both self-trust and building trust with others). Basic blocking and tackling. Not very exciting, but crucial nonetheless for growing trust. Making and keeping commitments, no matter how small, is never unimportant.

This doesn’t mean letting the routine crowd out the important. Rather, it means getting clarity about what’s important and doing it well, whether it’s routine or not. It means pursuing with excellence everything I do, no matter how monotonous. And it means going above and beyond to meet every commitment, no matter how trivial a commitment may seem.


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