Research shows people consistently master 75% of what they practice through experience but only 5-10% of what they hear or read. To produce a high level of return on investment from training, experiential learning is key.


Our outdoor events simulate fast-paced, rapidly changing, demanding, and complex situations. By doing so, our clients have the opportunity to learn and apply the principles that produce a high-performance culture in a "real-world" environment. Master facilitators guide participants through the process of increasing self-awareness, improving leadership skills, breaking down barriers and building trust.

The Team Trek Learning Center is located in Tumbling Shoals, Arkansas. Our 800 acre campus offers four first-class corporate training centers. While at Team Trek we want nothing to distract you from why you are here; to build your people and connect your team. 


In everything, from breakfast to bunkrooms, from the softness of your bath towel to the wood stacked for your evening campfire, we strive for excellence. Our bunk room lodging is designed with teams and comfort in mind. Our dining hall staff prepares and serves “family style” delicious meals and can easily accommodate special diet requests.

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