Team Trek Leadership Training

Team Trek Workshop Series

Training Should have an Impact.

The Team Trek Workshop Series provides you flexibility to design your own training program while maximizing impact.

Your people are your most important asset. Training should bring out their best.

With the Team Trek Workshop Series you can assemble modules to fit your people, without giving up consistency across all training activities. Every workshop is built on the same core models and uses the same vocabulary. Team Trek workshops are also highly interactive, and our Master Coaches are experts at guiding the discussion and integrating key concepts through practical application and self-reflection. 

Work from one integrated, comprehensive set of curriculum.

Establish a common vocabulary across all training activities.

Develop leaders who are equipped to lead for engagement.

Choose your site or the convenience of virtual (video conference).


Leading for Engagement©

Virtual Training Series

Managers and

Front-Line Supervisors

Eight weekly sessions delivered via video conference (2 hours each)*

Participants master the culture basics, work on the Five Capacities of a Highly Effective Leader and learn the skills and competencies to coach for development. Coaching is one of the most effective tools managers have for creating an actively engaged workforce.​

Assignments between sessions create opportunities to practice and integrate learning. The series is capped off by developing a coaching action plan.


*Team Trek recommends 6 to 8 participants per class.

8 hours

Organizational Culture

The Organizational Culture Workshop is designed as a building block for all other training and covers the two foundational models for culture change: the 12 Behaviors of an Actively Engaged Person and the Team Trek High Performing Teams model.

Appropriate for all employees > client-site or virtual

8 hours

Culture Change Roadmap

The Culture Change Roadmap Workshop is a strategy session for the leadership team. Once the leadership team has defined the culture, the next questions is, "How are we going to get there?" Outcomes for the session are an overall strategy for change, clear measures for success and an action plan that includes clear commitments to next steps. 

Designed for leadership teams > client-site or virtual

6 hours

Building High Trust  

The Building High Trust Workshop is designed to make the case for the importance of trust while equipping people managers with essential strategies and actionable behaviors to be a catalyst for increasing trust within their team and across teams.

Primarily for people managers > client-site or virtual

8 hours

How to Coach  

The How to Coach Workshop is designed to equip people managers with the skills and competencies to coach for development. Coaching is one of the most effective tools managers have for creating an actively engaged workforce.

Primarily for people managers and front-line supervisors > client-site or virtual



Effective Communication

Poor communication is one of the most common reasons for mistrust on teams. It slows teams down, creates frustration, and has a direct impact on results. The Effective Communication workshop helps participants gain clarity on why communication is so important as well as learning practical skills to improve communication. 

Appropriate for all employees > client-site or virtual

2 to 3


Practicing 100% Responsibility

The Practicing 100% Responsibility workshop is designed to develop a complete understanding of this principle and help participants put it into practice. 100% Responsibility is foundational to everything we teach at Team Trek and is essential to building High Performing Teams. It is also one of the most misunderstood principles.  

Appropriate for all employeees > client-site or virtual



Healthy Conversations

The Team Trek Healthy Conversations Workshop is intended to equip employees at all levels of the organization to engage in healthy conflict. Conflict exists in every relationship. However, whether that conflict produces favorable outcomes depends on how the conversation is handled – whether it is healthy or unhealthy. 

Appropriate for all employees > client-site or virtual



Leading by Listening

Direct less. Listen more. The Leading by Listening Workshop is intended to strengthen leadership listening skills for people managers. The workshop explores empathy and the Art of Asking Questions as a means to getting the best from the team. 

Primarily for people managers and front-line supervisors > client-site or virtual



Engaging the Heart

The Team Trek Engaging the Heart Workshop is intended as a tool to equip people managers on how to flex their leadership style to engage the heart. This is not a How to Coach Workshop. While Coaching is one of eight leadership styles, the focus of this workshop is on using the Connecting and Visionary styles to engage the heart, with an emphasis on gaining commitment instead of relying on coercion for compliance.

Primarily for people managers and front-line supervisors > client-site or virtual




Effective Meetings

Lack of meeting discipline, structure, and clear norms lead to an enormous amount of time wasted in unproductive meetings. The result is your people walk away not feeling heard, frustrated at the lack of forward progress and disengaged from the mission. The Effective Meetings Workshop equips people managers on the principles of effective meetings.

Primarily for people managers > client-site or virtual



Temperament & Character

Leadership influence starts with self-awareness. The Team Trek Temperament & Character Workshop is intended as a tool to understand potential blind spots and hidden strengths. Temperament is also an important tool for understanding others. This workshop is especially effective for intact teams as means to build trust through a better understanding of each other.

Appropriate for all employees > client-site or virtual

4 to 8


Culture Check-Up

It's half-time. It's time to assess where you are along the journey and adjust the plan. The workshop includes the Team Trek Team Profile or Culture Profile assessment to measure progress. The workshop starts with a refresh on culture basics and then moves into a strategy discussion to unpack the assessment results and answer some key questions. Where have we made progress? What are our gaps? Where do we go from here? The length of the session depends on the needs of the team.

Designed for the leadership team > client-site or virtual




Every once in awhile the team needs a booster. It's easy to get distracted with day-to-day activities and lose site of the importance of personal development and culture. The Team Trek Reconnect Workshop is designed as a post-program follow up to refresh and re-energize the team. 

Appropriate for all employees > client-site or virtual