My company has used Team Trek for over 10 years to develop its leaders.  Going to Team Trek is a life changing event. Team Trek gives you the most important leadership skills which are the ones that you use to lead yourself through life. No one can be a leader of others without the knowledge and willingness to lead one’s self.


Steve Buckman, retired CEO of Buckman Laboratories International, Inc.


I am currently using Team Trek to help set the culture at Topgolf, one of the fastest growing companies in the U. S.  The Team Trek team helped us create a compass and align our top 100 leaders to drive the development of the right kind of culture and produce extraordinary results. Team Trek works! 

Ken May, Retired CEO of Topgolf


Our journey began two years ago when we were faced with a conundrum: continuing to improve service while reducing costs. Being in a capital intensive industry, complete modernization of the assets was not an option. We had become complacent with the nominal incremental year-over-year improvement. We needed to make a step change.

Our converting division had achieved dramatic results netting a 30% increase in incremental capacity by working with Team Trek. This influenced me to send my leadership team to a week of training with Team Trek where we learned that through the following principles we could create a culture of Actively Engaged employees – 100% Responsibility, clear communication, creating a “safe” environment, engaging in healthy conflict. Subsequently, all of our mills have worked with Team Trek to train managers and hourly associates.

The results have been very positive. For example, at our Pennsylvania mill – 1) Throughput increased 18%; 2) Quality complaints reduced by 50%; 3) Cost per unit decreased 14%; 4) Percent uptime improved by 2.3%. The other benefits of Team Trek are soft or intangible. Our interactions and meetings are more productive. Trust levels are at an all-time high. Cooperation and collaboration among employees is dramatically better. And finally, on a personal level, employees are reporting improved personal happiness.

In conclusion, Team Trek is a true business partner with our division, with a genuine interest in our success. Their associates have a passion for what they do and are able to transfer their knowledge and skills to our employees. We have sent all levels of employees through Team Trek, and each one has returned a changed person. Team Trek coaching does not stop after the initial week’s training. It continues until the employee is confident they understand and can apply the concepts in practical application.


Dave Briere, WestRock

SVP Recycled Paperboard Mill Ops


My relationship with Team Trek first started in 2007 during my time as plant manager in North Little Rock, AR. NLR is one of our largest and most complex operations. At this time I needed the support of a consultancy to support the culture change program that I wanted to initiate in the plant. The plant performance across a number of performance areas had been stagnant for some time. In order to bring to the site a TPM/lean implementation, a major change was required.


I am completely convinced that the unique services offered by Team Trek were instrumental in transforming the culture and driving for operational excellence. Today, after many years and several leadership changes, the plant continues to deliver outstanding results, such that it has been recognized within our worldwide network as one of our top plants, consistently achieving high scores on our internal audits. Year after year the plant achieves service levels >98%, 2-5 pts OEE gains, productivity >10%, best in class quality rejects <0.5%. The NLR model as it has been called has become the basis of the North American manufacturing operating model for L’Oréal.


Team Trek has provided ongoing support at different times and levels during this journey. I can honestly say I have never seen anything like that of Team Trek -- the balance of workshops and simulations backed up by ongoing coaching and support, enables the development of leadership behaviors, high performing team dynamics, improved communications, clarity of values and direction and cultural engagement at the highest level.

Richard Jones, former Head of North America Manufacturing, L’Oréal USA

(current Global Chief Supply Chain and R&D Officer, Coty Inc.)