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Want High Performing Teams?

Start with the right team model. Then train to the model.

The Team Trek High Performing Teams model can help you get there.

Instill a sense of ownership on the team

Grow trust and build speed and agility

Improve communication

Learn to engage in healthy conflict

Master the discipline of clear commitments

Foster mutual accountability through shared team norms

Get results!



High Performing Teams Training

Virtual Training Series for Virtual Teams

Eight weekly sessions delivered via video conference (2 hours each)*

Break down barriers. Build trust. Mend broken relationships. Improve communication. High Performing Teams is designed to help fully formed teams identify and overcome obstacles to team cohesion and success. The program is capped off with the development of team norms that drive behaviors which lead to extraordinary results. 

This series includes the following assessments and books:

Team Profile 
Team Trek Temperament Sorter 
Character & Culture Workbook


Work from one integrated, comprehensive set of curriculum.

Establish a common vocabulary across all training activities.

Develop leaders who are equipped to lead High Performing Teams.

Team Building Programs



360 Assessments

Explore the Team Trek Culture Change Roadmap© for building a High Performing Culture

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