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It is easy to feel powerless when we encounter adversity and rapid change. However, we do not have to be powerless. 100% Responsibility is the recognition that each of us has a choice in how we respond to the circumstances of life. It is an empowering way to live and key to being agile in the face of adversity and rapid change. 

100% Responsibility

How to Be Agile in an Era of Adversity and Rapid Change

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“The concept of 100% Responsibility is a cornerstone of great leadership. At no time in my career has the necessity for agility been more pronounced. 100% Response-ability defined:  deciding in advance how I will think when I am faced with adversity.”
Lisa Bedford, SVP Supply Chain, Riviana

“I can’t think of a more impactful concept to the growth and success of our company (as well as for me in my personal life as well as the lives of many of our people) than 100% Responsibility. I am grateful to have this new material to use for myself and others.”
David Stansell, CEO, Stansell Electric Company, Inc. 

“This book will challenge you to look at yourself and your team in a new way!  ‘Taking 100% Responsibility’ is a principle that has been and continues to be life altering for my team and me.”
Lauren McHugh Robinson, President/CEO, Huey’s Restaurants

“Practicing 100% Responsibility transformed me both professionally and personally. While I may not be able to control the situation, I absolutely can control my response. 100% responsibility enabled me to move faster and achieve better longer term results.”
Lorie White, VP Manufacturing Operations, L’Oreal 

100% Responsibility (the Book)
How to Be Agile in an Era of Adversity and Rapid Change

by Mike Gore & Conrad Lehfeldt
Published by Team Trek

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