Commitment or Compliance?

January 9, 2018


People follow leaders by choice. Without trust, at best you get compliance. ~ Jesse Lyn Stoner, author of Full Steam Ahead


A leader is a person who knows the direction
s/he wants to go and can influence the heads,
hands, and hearts of others to follow. Of these three, we suggest that influencing the heart is most important.


Leadership with heart isn’t really new. But leadership without heart isn’t leadership at all. In fact, without heart, and the trust it produces, the best you can hope for is compliance. 


True leadership begins on the inside. It grows out of your heart and reveals itself to others as care, encouragement, respect, trust, and empathy. Leadership with heart influences others to follow and increases their commitment to you and to your organization. It’s this commitment that indirectly results in increased productivity, greater profitability, higher levels of customer satisfaction, and retention of key people. Research proves it.


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