Navigating Change

Read the Book. Book the Course.

Start with the right leadership model. Then train and coach to the model.

There are 15,000 books on leadership. Choose wisely.

There's no shortage of advice for how to be a more effective leader. The real question is what kind of leader are you trying to produce? A lack of clarity on this question can mean the difference between success and failure in engaging your people and getting extraordinary results.



Navigating Leadership©

Leadership Training Program for Managers and
Front-Line Leaders
5-day experiential learning program at Team Trek Learning Center

Navigating Leadership is designed for anyone with management, supervisory or team lead responsibilities. It's not enough to define the culture you want. Your leaders have to be equipped to lead for engagement. This program includes the following assessments and books: 

Leadership Profile 360
Keirsey Temperament Sorter II
Navigating Change, by W. Gary Gore
Character & Culture Workbook

One leadership model. Multiple training options.

A common obstacle to sustaining culture transformation is a lack of alignment around how to lead for engagement. Team Trek starts with a model for the ideal leader --- one who models the way, influences the heart, coaches for development and is skilled at leading high performing teams and getting results. When combined with our other models, the result is a shared vision for the culture and clarity about how to effectively lead for a culture of engagement. 

Leading for Engagement©

Virtual Training Series for
Managers and
Front-Line Leaders

Eight weekly sessions delivered via video conference (2 hours each)*

Participants master the culture basics, work on the Five Capacities of a Highly Effective Leader and learn the skills and competencies to coach for development. Coaching is one of the most effective tools managers have for creating an actively engaged workforce.​

Assignments between sessions create opportunities to practice and integrate learning. The series is capped off by developing a coaching action plan.


*Team Trek recommends 6 to 8 participants per class.

Your people are your most important asset. Training should bring out their best.


Want High Performing Teams? Train your leaders to lead for a culture of engagement. Managers and front-line leaders have the greatest amount of interaction with the majority of team members in any organization. Unfortunately, most managers have not been equipped to lead for engagement. Team Trek can help.

Work from one integrated, comprehensive set of curriculum.

Establish a common vocabulary across all training activities.

Develop leaders who are equipped to lead for engagement.

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Leadership 360 Assessments

Explore the Team Trek Culture Change Roadmap© for Navigating Culture Change

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