Everything rises and falls on leadership.  


~John Maxwell, author, speaker, renowned expert on leadership

Leadership Development Initiative (LDI)

Long-term sustainable results depend on effective leadership at all levels of the organization.  Success is the fruit of a culture of agility in which all team members accurately assess rapidly changing conditions and respond quickly and effectively as one team to solve problems and capitalize on opportunities.  This type of culture is increasingly necessary in a world characterized by rapid change and uncertainty. It requires three things:

  • A clear and simple mission

  • Actively engaged people

  • A team culture built on The Seven Principles of a High Performing Team – 100% Responsibility, trust, communication, healthy conflict, commitment, accountability and focus on results


The development of this culture is the primary responsibility of leaders.


At Team Trek, we have developed a successful program called the Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) to help leaders learn and practice the leadership competencies that produce the high-performance culture described above.


LDI Leadership Competencies:

  • 100% Responsibility                 

  • Humility

  • Empathy and active listening

  • Earning and extending trust

  • Healthy resolution of conflict

  • Taking healthy risks

  • Learning from failure

  • Building commitment to team decisions

  • Holding others accountable

  • Developing the potential of others

  • Giving and receiving feedback

The LDI process:

  • Complete 360 assessment

  • One-hour coaching session to review results

  • Five-day intervention at Team Trek Learning Center

  • Six hours of executive coaching

  • One-day “How to Coach” workshop

  • Second 360 assessment to measure progress

  • One-hour coaching session to review results

My company has used Team Trek for over 10 years to develop its leaders.  Going to Team Trek is a life changing event. Team Trek gives you the most important leadership skills which are the ones that you use to lead yourself through life. No one can be a leader of others without the knowledge and willingness to lead one’s self.


Steve Buckman, retired CEO of Buckman Laboratories International, Inc.

Team Trek Guarantee

Team Trek’s services are unconditionally guaranteed! You tell us what your objectives are and we will meet or exceed your expectations. If not, the program is provided free of charge.

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