Team Trek Coaching

Team Trek Coaching  for Individuals and Teams

Coaching with Clear Outcomes.

Team Trek Master Coaches have one mission: equip leaders to create a culture of actively engaged people producing extraordinary results. 

What's the difference between good and great? 

The great are never stagnant. Always learning. Continuously seeking feedback. Adjusting. Growing. It's how companies become great. And, it's how leaders become great. Coaching, when part of an overall strategy with clearly stated outcomes, is an integral part of the process.

Start with the right leadership model. Then coach to the model.

Creating a high performing culture requires more than platitudes. It takes focus and hard-work. It also requires people managers and front-line supervisors who have clarity about how to lead for a culture of engagement. 

Team Trek starts with a model for the ideal leader --- one who models the way, influences the heart, coaches for development and is skilled at leading high performing teams and getting results. Team Trek Master Coaches are experts at coaching to the model and asking clarifying questions to help clients capitalize on their opportunities to produce real change.

Tools to help your leaders succeed.

Whether guiding you through your temperament assessment or interpreting feedback from your Team Trek Leadership Profile, Team Trek Master Coaches are adept at using all the tools to help your leaders succeed. But what makes them unique in the field of coaching is they are masters at navigating the culture change process. This means coaching that is 100% aligned with the culture you're trying to create.

Real-world experience leading high performing teams. 

It's not easy to become a Team Trek Master Coach. First, we start with character. Does he or she exemplify the principles we teach? Second, we look for depth of experience to draw upon during the coaching process. Team Trek Master Coaches understand your challenges because they've been in your seat. But just as important, they engage in straight talk and ask powerful, thought-provoking questions that help you find your own solutions.