Team Trek Profile© 


Measure What Matters Most.

Your assessments should align with the culture you're trying to create.

Four assessments. One goal. Build the right culture.

Team Trek Profile assessments provide deep insight at every step of the culture change journey. Although each measures different things, they are integrated to work together to support the overall goal of transforming the culture.

  • Culture Profile

    Assess the culture of the your site across key behaviors that drive engagement. Reports can be broken down by department to allow you to drill down and gain clarity about what your opportunities are.

  • Team Profile

    For intact teams (e.g. leadership team or department). It assesses the team using the behaviors of the Team Trek High Peforming Teams model and provides insight into potential dysfunctions of the team.

  • Leadership Profile

    The Leadership Profile is for senior leaders, people managers and front-line supervisors. The 360 assessment is based on Team Trek's Five Capacities of Highly Effective Leaders model and provides actionable insight for growth.

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    Engagement Profile

    The Engagement Profile is designed for individual contributors. The 360 assessment provides feedback based on the 12 Behaviors of an Actively Engaged Person that are key to a high trust culture. 

Gain clarity about what your growth opportunities are.

All change starts with awareness. Where am I today? Where is our culture today? Team Trek Profiles are a comprehensive suite of assessments specifically designed to be aligned with the Culture Change Roadmap and the foundational models Team Trek uses to help you define the culture you want.

Actionable insight to prioritize focus areas.

Feedback is only useful if it's actionable. Does it provide you insight to facilitate change? Is it clear, specific and focused on the things that really matter? 


The Team Trek Profile assessments are designed to shine a spotlight on the most important areas while providing specific data points to create an action plan.  

Measure your progress along the way.

Start by assessing where you are today to establish a baseline and identify opportunities. Create an action plan. Work the plan. Measure progress. Adjust. Change is hard work. That's true whether you're talking about yourself or the culture. Measuring progress provides a level of accountability, offers encouragement along the way and gives you the data you need to adjust as needed.