Team Trek Coaching Group, the coaching division of Team Trek, will help you identify and meet your unique people needs. Let us be your coach, your facilitator, your consultant, and your strategic human resources partner. Your people will be more engaged, productive, and loyal. TCG master coaches meet our clients' rigorous performance standards and high expectations, and are backed by the Team Trek Guarantee.

Professional Development Coaching

Professional Development coaching focuses on your effectiveness in a future position or reflects desired changes in your current position. As coaches, we work with you to understand where you are "today," help you determine where you want to be "tomorrow," and then coach you to close the gap.

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Performance Improvement Coaching

Performance Improvement coaching focuses on your effectiveness in your current position and requires you clearly understand performance expectations. Our coaches help you be successful by working with you to take 100% Responsibility and to develop an action learning plan that meets your specific performance expectations. We also help you determine whether your current position is a good fit for your knowledge, experience, skills, and strengths.

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Career Coaching

You are the CEO of your own career! So whether you seek to change careers, revitalize a stalled career, or launch an exciting new career, Career Coaching may be the perfect solution for you. We help you take charge of your life and career by focusing on the "internal" job search. We coach clients to develop their own unique Career Snapshot, discover their Personal Compass, live their core values, develop a results-oriented, professional résumé, create a professional bio, and identify possible career paths. We provide a wide variety of Career Coaching resources and community contacts to facilitate your career transition or job search. Throughout the process, we serve as your career mentor, accountability partner, and cheerleader. But at the end of day, you are the CEO of your own career.

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Leadership Coaching

Maximize your return on your investment in leadership development by combining coaching with Team Trek's LDI program. Our master coaches facilitate this innovative program at the Team Trek Learning Center and then continue coaching when you return home. The coaching component ensures learnings are successfully transferred back to the "real" world.

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Team Coaching

Team Coaching is the perfect continuing growth program for graduates of Team Trek's intact, new team, or project team building programs. Team Coaching may also be used as a complement to Executive Coaching. It involves both the team leader and the team, and includes: conducting pre and post Team Trek Team Profiles©, developing a team compass, balancing the work of the team with relationship building, and action learning.

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Small Business Services

Just because you're a small business, doesn't mean you don't have the same needs as big business. You need to recruit, select, and train qualified people — get the right people on your bus. You need to ensure their strengths and personalities fit your organization — get people in the right seats on your bus. And, as the "driver," you need to ensure your people understand and commit to your vision for your business — get everyone on your bus headed in the same direction. At Team Trek, we understand it's not easy being the bus driver. We're a small business too, and we'd like to share our many resources with you.

Team Trek Coaching Group specializes in the following Small Business Services specifically designed to meet your unique people needs:

  • Culture change and organizational compass
  • Talent management
  • Interviewing and selecting talent
  • Coaching for performance
  • Professional development
  • Strengths-based organizations
  • Coaching the small business owner

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